Supporting Sustainable Development

Goals with Financial Inclusion

Fintech services that aims to eradicate poverty and improves

financial conditions of the under / un-banked

Democratizing Finance With Technology

Bringing Traditional Financial Services to the Masses with

Innovative Technologies

Global Technology and Presence

Building out a Global Fintech Ecosystem by

Targeting Emerging Markets

SuperAtom At-a-Glance

  • Backed by well-known venture and corporate investors.
  • Raised a total of US$46M in venture equity funding.
  • Total no of registered users: 9million.
  • Total loan disbursed: US$684M.


To empower financial inclusion through the
innovative use of digital technology


To be a world leading fintech platform.

Our Philosophy
and Strategy

We are guided by our philosophy of empowering financial inclusion globally. Combining our strengths in AI and Big Data, and strong market execution capabilities, we are scaling and expanding our services worldwide rapidly.

Our three pillars for market expansion are:


Large Unserved Market

We focus on regions where huge segment of the population are unserved or underserved by traditional banking.

and Internet

One of the market pre-requisite is high connectivity, since this is an important enabler for our business.

Favourable Regulatory Landscape

Regulations that support the growth of Fintech are in place in the country.

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